EUCOM Commander Calls For Larger “Enduring Armored” Force To Deter Russia

Zero Hedge
March 29, 2017

The commander of U.S military forces in Europe told lawmakers Tuesday that he needs a larger combat force, including an armored division and increased naval power, to deter Russian military forces on the continent.’s Matthew Cox reports that Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, commander of U.S. European Command, testifying before the House Armed Service Committee, said:

“We need a greater force there, I think, potentially in the land component,” 

The general said he needs the “enablers of an armored division — a fires brigade, an engineer brigade, air defense — those kinds of systems in the numbers that I need there.”

Currently, the Army has one armored brigade combat team on a continuous rotation to Europe to bolster the Stryker and airborne infantry brigades stationed there permanently.

“I am suggesting an additional division because … I need armored and mechanized brigades,” Scaparrotti said.
“The reason a division is so important is at that level you can then have the command and control, communications capability to integrate the different domains in the way we fight. And that division brings the enablers like appropriate artillery, engineers, air defense, etc. that fill out a proper defense.”

Scaparrotti said he could also use an “additional naval component on rotation through Europe to deter specifically with respect to anti-submarine warfare,” an area Russia continues to modernize.

“It would be wonderful to have a carrier support group with amphibious forces, more than I have now,” he said.

In addition to modernizing conventional ground, naval and air forces, Russia is refining the capability of its nuclear arsenal, Scaparrotti said.

“One of the things that you see that is disturbing is the fact that they are using similar weapon systems that can either be conventional or nuclear, which then makes it…

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