Hillary Clinton Takes on Spicer and O’Reilly’s Sexist Remarks Calls Women to Challenge ‘Everyday Sexism’

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Hillary Clinton came out of the woods and flew to Los Angeles to speak at the Professional Women’s Conference, where she weighed in on the recent sexist attacks of Sean Spicer and Bill O’Reilly. 

“If I were to think about everything we have to do to resist, and stand up to what we see attempting to be done in so many areas that we know are wrong, we know aren’t in the best interests of our country, we know will hurt people, we know are largely based on ideology and denial… We can’t lose sight of how we treat individuals and how we treat people in the moment we have with them,” said the former Secretary of State. 

Clinton also then addressed inequality in the form of “how we see one another” and tackle “everyday sexism.” 

“Just look at all that has happened in the last few days to women who were simply doing their jobs,” Clinton said, referencing Spicer and O’Reilly’s incendiary remarks at Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and veteran White House journalist April Ryan. 

“April Ryan, a respected journalist with unrivaled integrity, was doing her job just this afternoon in the White House press room, when she was patronized and cut off trying to ask a question. One of your own California congresswomen, Maxine Waters, was taunted with a racist joke about her hair,” Clinton pointed out. 

But after having faced decades of attacks from the right, Clinton sees the Trump era’s misogyny as a major wake-up call. 

“Too many women, especially women of color, have had a lifetime of practice taking precisely these kinds of indignities in stride,” Clinton noted. “But why should we have to?”

That said, Clinton added, “Any woman who thinks this couldn’t be directed at her is living in a dream world.” 


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