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Date: Monday March 27, 2017
From Alex Jones Show & The Infowar

Did the Government Spy on Trump? Of Course. It Spies on All of Us!

Whistleblower Files Charges Against Obamacare Looting Scheme

Chinese Firms Want to Control Areas Around Panama Canal

Utah drops legal minimum age for concealed carry permit to 18

Trump to Tap Son-in-law Jared Kushner to Head Government Reform Office

Seasonal workers paid nothing for months’ work

Housing Bubble Replaced by Student, Auto Loan Bubbles

Punk Icon Johnny Rotten Cheers Brexit, Calls Trump a “Political Sex Pistol”

Top Doctor Reveals CIA Mind Control on Americans

Civil War? Here’s The Real Enemy

British Woman Fighting Against ISIS in Syria Says MI5 Targeting her Family

As More Americans Fail Drug Tests, Employers Turn to Refugees

1776: An HHS Czar Can’t Fix ObamaCare

Josh Earnest Is Now A Political Analyst For NBC News And MSNBC

Canada to Legalize Cannabis for Recreational Use in 2018 – Reports

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Jones Responds To Pizzagate Controversy

Networks Censor Rape Story Involving Illegal!

Will Hijab Barbie Come with Instructions on How to Obey Sharia Law?

A Boy Named Sue, A Girl Named Allah

THIS Is How Liberty Is Taken Back

Finally: Obama’s Cybergate Insiders Exposed

Deep State Mulls “Continuity of Government” Plan to Overthrow Trump

US, Britain, France, Others Skip Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty Talks

The Elite Want You Collectivized!

Campus Carry Considered In Georgia

With Trump’s Executive Order Blocked In Court Over 8,400 Refugees Have Come To The U.S.

US Has ‘No Good Military Options’ Against Kim Jong Un, Ex-Ambassador Says

North Dakota Legalizes Constitutional Carry

Republicans Move to Strengthen Protections for Interstate Travel by Gun Owners

Man to Sue Gov’t After Last Name Deemed Too Offensive for License Plate

Nasdaq Turns Positive as Wall Street Weighs Tax Reform Prospects; Health Care Leads

Ben Garrison: Trump Drains Deep State Swamp

Video: Populism is the New Punk

Tommy Robinson Vs. Anti-Brexit Protesters

LIVE: Deep State Attack Of Trump Fails To Slow #PedoGate Round Up

Attorney General: Sanctuary Jurisdictions Will Not Receive Federal Funding

Assignment Asks Students to Write Essay From 9/11 Terrorists’ Perspective

Learn How Big Government Kills Small Businesses

Why Merkel Hates Tax Competition

How to Interpret the Shape of the Yield Curve

Armed Antifa Communists March In Response to Arizona Trump Rally

Tennessee Bills Victim of Deadly Accident to Replace Faulty Guardrail

Uber’s Self-driving Cars Back on the Road after Crash

Democrats Delay Vote on Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

Iraqi PM: Trump “More Determined” to Defeat ISIS Than Obama

Italy Could Soon Offer Women Paid ‘Menstrual Leave’

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Saving Children’s Lives

Le Pen says EU ‘will die’

Ryan Visits White House Amid Healthcare Rubble

Report: FBI’s Facial Recognition Database Is ‘Out of Control’

Top House Intel Dem: Nunes should recuse himself

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Ron Gibson (3-27-17)
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