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From Alex Jones Show & The Infowar

Wikileaks: Investor Conspired with Clinton Campaign to Ambush Trump Live on CNBC

Trump’s Scorched Earth Becomes New Worry For Clinton World

Clinton Aide: Trump Campaign Overrun By Infowars

CNN’s President Says It Was A Mistake To Air So Many Trump Rallies And “Let Them Run”

‘Obama Cyber Saber-rattling Against Russia Possible Ploy To Boost Clinton Camp’

State Dept.: There’s A Concern Obama-Clinton Emails Not Be Made Public

Desperate Hillary Launches Anti-Semitism Hoax Against Trump

CIA Prepares For Cyberwar With Russia

Top Liberal Warns: Hillary Wants to Start WW3

Former Bill Clinton Girlfriend Tells All

Media Blackout On Clinton Crime Story of the Century

Obama Prepares For War With Russia

Global Gov’t Endgame Exposed

Roger Stone: Trump Is Taking His Gloves Off

Election 2016 Crisis: The Mental Breakdown of America

Busted: Trump Sex Allegations Full of Holes

Video: Clinton Press Coordinator Caught Censoring Press

Bill’s Ex Explains Why Hillary Attracts Flies

School Claims Bill Clinton Rape Shirt Sexually Suggestive, But ACLU Defends

Hillary’s False Flag Uncovered, US Elections in Peril!

Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Take A Drug Test Before Third Debate: “She’s Getting Pumped Up”

Leaked Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Life Of Deceit

Trump Sets GOP Record For Individual Donors

WikiLeaks Emails Show Clinton Campaign Collected Data To Discredit Bill Clinton Accuser

Hillary Clinton: Americans Against Borders Are ‘Fundamentally UnAmerican’

Hillary’s Emails Allowed Clinton Foundation Donors To Get Favors On A ‘Global Scale’

Internal Polls Revealed: Mainstream Media Failing

Bill Clinton’s ‘Son’ Describes Hillary’s Abuse

Emergency Message: Why The Elite Must Destroy Donald Trump

Ex-Girlfriend: Bill Clinton Slept With Over 1000 Women

Obama Takes A Major Step Toward WW3

Emergency: US, Russia Entering State of War

Wikileaks Email: Clinton Campaign Wished San Bernardino Terrorist Had Been White

Breaking: Terrorists Firebomb GOP Campaign Office

EMERGENCY: War Declared on Russia by Soros-Controlled US

Take The Money: Clinton Campaign Welcomed Foreign Donations

— October 16, 2016

Thanks to Alex Jones and the whole INFOWARS Crew.

Ron Gibson (10-16-16)
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