Kangaroo attacks the car of tailgating driver in Lake Bathurst, Australia — Earth Changes — Sott.net

A driver on a rural Australian road at night ended up having their car whacked by a road raging kangaroo that didn’t take kindly to being tailgated.

The driver said they were driving behind the kangaroo for more than half a mile March 2 in the Lake Bathurst area, and the dashboard camera footage of the encounter shows the marsupial hopping along the road a few yards in front of the vehicle.

The kangaroo, apparently deciding to change tactics, stops abruptly, causing the car to stop. The ‘roo strikes up an intimidating pose before unleashing a brief flurry of punches on the car. The driver attempts to get around the animal, but it follows and continues to punch the car.

“I had followed this Roo for about 1 kilometre, and it just stayed on the road. Unfortunately, if you pass them, they will often jump sideways straight into your car. The Roo decided he had a better plan and thought he’d go for fight over flight!” the driver wrote.

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