Prison » London Bridge Terrorists Screamed ‘This Is for Allah! Stop Living This Life!’

June 12, 2017

One of the London Bridge terror survivors has spoken out about the attack, with her boyfriend describing how the jihadi who cut her throat screamed “This is for Allah!” as he struck.

Thirty-one-year-old Candice Hedge, originally from Brisbane, Australia, was working at Elliot’s Café in Borough Market when Pakistan-born Khuram Butt, Moroccan-Libyan Rachid Redouane, and Moroccan-Italian Youssef Zaghba burst in.

In an interview from hospital with Australian television network Channel 7, Candice described seeing the killers stab a customer while she was huddled in a corner before one of them came up behind her.

“He looked at me and I looked at him, it really happened so quickly,” she recalled.  “It was one quick go and that was it. I was vomiting blood.”

Boyfriend Luke, who was also working at the café on the night of the attack, said the jihadis were “strutting around as if they owned the place”, shouting: “This is for our family, this is for Allah! Stop living this life!” as they attacked.

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