Prison » Surge in demand across Europe for referendum on EU membership

June 16, 2017

There is growing demand right across Europe from citizens who want a referendum on their countries membership of the European Union.

Pew Research Center’s study shows that big majorities in Spain, France, Italy, and Greece all want their version of Britain’s Brexit referendum, as do 51% in Poland and 50% in Germany.

And whilst no country yet has a majority in favour of leaving, support is clearly growing: 35% in Greece and Italy want an EU exit, as do over 20% in France and Sweden.

It is important to remember that in many of these countries, there isn’t even a political party pushing for a full EU exit. Brussels of course will do all it can to prevent such public votes – knowing the tide of democracy from Brexit could easily spill over into an independent movement that sweeps the likes of Greece and Italy as well.

The EU isn’t just bad for Britain – it’s bad for Europe too.

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