Prison » TSA drafts in 2,000 agents (and 50 canine teams) to cope with the record-breaking 234MILLION expected to travel via the US this summer

Daily Mail
May 18, 2017

The sight of long queues forming at US airports is nothing new.

In fact, thanks to the mass consumption of flight travel and its associated security risk, snaking security lines are almost the new normal.

So, with 234million passengers projected to fly this summer, the Transportation Security Administration has boosted its workforce by thousands to cope with demand – and stem criticism in the process.

The Department of Homeland Security agency, which ensures the safety of those using communal transport across America, has drafted-in 2,000 new officers to help process the numbers, which are estimated at nine million more than 2016.

They’ve also added 50 canine teams, who’ll help process the hordes of people passing through customs.

To streamline the process further, the agency has also joined forces with airlines to install automated screening lanes in some of America’s most heavily-used portals.

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