Sarah Sanders: Congressional Baseball Game Provides ‘Great Moment of Unity’

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Thursday night’s Congressional baseball game is on — an event that White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called “a great moment of unity.”

Sanders said she was echoing the words of the President from the previous day, when there was hate crime-style attack on the annual Republican charity baseball team practice.

In a Thursday afternoon White House press briefing, Sanders was asked who from the Trump Administration would be attending the game and “Is there any other message to people that — the teams that are playing, players in the game?”

Sanders replied, “I think, to kind of echo what the President said yesterday, I think this provides a great moment of unity to see members from both parties come out and have that time together, without conflict, on a baseball field, and enjoy a night like that.”

After a gunman opened fire on a Republican baseball practice in Alexandria on Thursday, the President spoke to the American people from the White House. “We may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation’s Capitol is here because, above all, they love our country,” said Trump.

As to whom from the Administration would be attending, Sanders said, “I believe there are several members from the administration that are planning to attend.  But as far as specifics, I’m not sure of that right now.”

Trump himself won’t be attending the game due to security issues, but instead recorded a video message that was played at the game.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump as well as Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence have visited Rep. Steve Scalise and Capitol Police officer, Special Agent Crystal Griner at the hospital.  The other victims of the shooting were being treated at other area hospitals.

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