Trump Supporters Racist, Want ‘All Brown People’ Off Obamacare

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March 29, 2017

MSNBC’s Joey Reid blessed the airwaves with two anti-Republican rants in less than 24 hours. She really wanted to make sure everyone was aware that Donald Trump supporters are racist and don’t want black people to be healthy.

First, it began on Friday night’s Hardball with Chris Matthews after the GOP failed to get its healthcare proposal passed. According to Newsbusters, she said:

“What I think is stunning, Chris, about today is that the Republican party learned absolutely nothing from the election of Donald Trump, including Donald Trump. Donald Trump won in the Rust Belt in those states saying he was going to repeal and replace Obamacare because at the time, we thought he understood that his voters hated the ‘Obama’ but they liked the ‘care.’

“They didn’t see him as a guy who was going to come and cancel their Medicaid. They thought he was Daddy Warbucks. They thought that he was going to just cancel undocumented people’s Medicaid that they don’t get. They just assumed that he was going to get all the brown people to stop, quote, ‘taking what’s theirs,’ but that they were going to keep their stuff.”

Reid continued saying Trump failed to keep up his anti-establishment persona by getting into bed with Paul Ryan and his “life-long dream” of tearing down social safety nets. She said Trump ran on, “I alone can fix this.”

And then, still high from being on her high horse, Reid continued rambling on her morning show on Saturday, AM Joy, and welcomed New York magazine columnist Frank Rich to talk about his article, “No Sympathy for the Hillbilly.” (See the connection?)

“After the election, the Democratic party self-diagnosis produced a number of conclusions to explain what went wrong,” Reid began the segment. “The one you probably hear the most often focuses on Democrats’ lack of empathy and appeal to the white working class voters who propelled Donald Trump to victory in unlikely Rust Belt states like Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania. And Democratic leaders have been trying to answer the question of how to turn those Republican voters back into Democrats.”

Rich’s article discusses just that by urging “Democrats to hold the empathy and hold on to the anger, and he asks of Democratic aspirations to convert Trump’s base.”

Reid read this quote from the article: “Is it a worthwhile political tactic that will actually help reverse Republican rule? Or is it another counterproductive detour into liberal guilt, self-flagellation, and other political correctness of the sort that helped blind Democrats to the gravity of the Trump threat in the first place?”

As he explains in his column, Rich believes it’s the wrong tactic to try and sway Trump supporters because “they’re just dug in with Breitbart and Fox News and Trump White House propaganda.”

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