US Cyber Police go after CNN for #CNNBlackMail of Reddit User

CNN executives face criminal charges from the US Cyber Police over claims that they threatened to make public the information of Reddit User “HanA$$holeSolo”, who made a video of Donald Trump clothes-lining, not body-slamming an individual with a CNN Logo on their face/head. This was modified footage from a WrestleMania event in which Trump was involved. CNN used their contacts at Time Warner to illegally get the information on the Reddit User, and essentially blackmailed the guy into apologizing. Mike Hunt, head of the US Cyber Police is going after CNN’s Jeff Zucker and all the other clowns, and promises to put all those CNN executives involved in Cyber Prison for the rest of their lives. This is of course a parody and should not be taken too seriously.


July 17th, 2017 by