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Social media was abuzz recently when a viral video depicting a natural yet uncommon phenomenon known as ‘Waterspout’ occurred near the Penang Bridge – raising alarm amongst netizens and the public.

The video revealed that the waterspout which resembles a mini tornado was spotted in the Penang channel during a downpour as the natural phenomenon is often linked with strong winds and thunderstorms.

“It’s a miracle and an act of God when we have such a phenomenon like a tornado,” one netizen described about the 16-second video circulated on Facebook, as quoted in The Star.

The Sun reported that the video was recorded by motorists and the Fire and Rescue Department confirmed that no casualty reports were received.

State Environment exco Phee Boon Poh even shared with the daily that the authenticity of the video is questionable as no (proper) reports of its sighting were received.

“It might be old photos and videos which resurfaced again,” he said.

As a matter of fact, two years ago NST reported that several images of waterspouts at the North Channel and the coast of Butterworth had gone viral.

Malaysian Digest reached out to the Malaysian Meteorological Department but has yet to receive a respond from their end.

According to WECT6, a tornado is a “funnel cloud, or rotating column of air that forms from the base of a thunderstorm and reaches the ground.

“A condensation funnel (the visible part of the funnel cloud) does not necessarily need to be all the way to the ground to be a tornado, but the circulation must reach the ground.

“A waterspout is a column of rotating air that forms over water and a waterspout becomes a tornado once it reaches land.”

The NOAA’s National Weather Service highlighted that one should move at a 90-degree angle to the waterspout’s apparent movement as some can be just as life-threatening as a tornado.

Malaysian Digest had previously reported on the dangers of waterspouts and whether the recent event is authentic, let’s all be reminded to not be curious cats if we happen to chance upon a waterspout in the future.

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