Why They Hate Rothbard

Given the foundational work Rothbard has done in developing and furthering libertarian theory, it is interesting to note how he is at best ignored and at worst despised by the broader libertarian movement.

What is more interesting is that Rothbard takes bullets from all sides – in many ways, the one thing many mainstream libertarians and libertine libertarians have in common is this disdain for Rothbard.

Why is that?

The Irrepressible Rothbard

Rothbard first points to the mainstream libertarians.  He labels them, the “oxymoronic…Big Government Libertarians.”  In this group, he identifies, in addition to the Libertarian Party…

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…a loose network of libertarian and free-market think-tanks, national ones that include lobbying groups, who gravitate inside the Beltway, and state or regional think-tanks, who necessarily remain in the heartland in body if not alas in spirit…

He additionally mentions legal groups, magazines, hard-money newsletters, and so on.  What do all of these Big Government Libertarian institutions have in common?  They have…

Irrepressible Rothbard…
Murray N. Rothbard

…in the last few years, moved at remarkable speed to abandon any shred of their original principles: devotion to minimizing government or defending the rights of private property.

Instead, these groups want to make government more efficient – as if efficiency in the production of “bads” is a good thing.  These Big Government Libertarians crave respectability in and the social acceptance of official Washington.

But there is a lot more at work here.  At bottom is the point which many of us had to learn painfully over the years: there can be no genuine separation…

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